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Great Discussion Starters

Parents, students are struggling with “consumer” context:
Please use the following list as conversation jump starters to help your student by having these everyday conversations.


Ask your child to calculate the mpg of your car as you get gas.  (total miles driven since last fill-up/amount of gas pumped to refill tank)

Have him or her calculate a 15% tip mentally when you are at the restaurant.  The easiest way to do this is to estimate 10% then half that and add it on.  For example:  Our bill is $43.76.  That rounds to $44. 10% would be $4.40.   5% is half that or $2.20, giving a total tip of $6.60.

Discuss the meaning of fractions as you offer “half a cookie” vs. “1/4 of a pie”. Just because ½ is bigger than ¼, in this situation, it is probably not (unless it’s a BIG cookie!).

Talk about the gas mileage for a car.

Figure how far on a trip that the family can go before filling up with gas.
Ask your child to keep a “running tally” of your grocery bill as you shop.
Compare two brands at the grocery store to find the best unit price..
Calculate the price of jeans that are on a percent off sale.
Calculate amounts needed to double a recipe.
PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE division.  Our students at all levels are “held back” because they cannot divide.  It doesn’t “make sense” to them and they really struggle.