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On Monday, November 6th, BMS celebrated our very own, Michelle Knapik’s, 10 year CANCER FREE anniversary.  She was diagnosed with stage III metastatic melanoma in the summer of 2007.
“I had to have three different surgeries to diagnose, treat, and remove the cancer. I then went through one month of Monday through Friday chemo treatments during September of 2007.  After scans and tests were completed in early November, they determined that all of the cancer had been successfully removed and treated.  If I could offer any advice to anyone, it would be STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS, and do not get sun burned. A tan looks great, but is not worth the risk of scars, treatments, or death.  I really appreciate the support of the students and staff who participated in the Black Out day (black is the color of the Melanoma ribbon) and for helping me mark such a tremendous day in my life. Anyone who has battled cancer knows what a milestone 10 years is. This school is so full of love and caring, and I am blessed to be a part of this family.”
Ms. Knapik is so important to all the students and staff of Bethel Middle, and we are so grateful for her strength, determination, and positivity! We Love You, Ms. Knapik!!

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