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Sally Hundley, encore teacher at BMS, is truly living her dream! As a graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and a former employee of Apple Computers, it was her passion and greatest desire to bring STEM to the mountains of North Carolina. Sally has always loved science and math, but teaching STEM also allows her to teach technology and engineering while also putting a focus on entrepreneurship through her Advanced STEM course.

Mrs. Hundley is married to our 8th grade math teacher, Ron Hundley. The two met while at NCSSM, and they even ended up getting married (despite the fact that Sally’s mom thought Ron was a hoodlum the first time she saw him). Ron and Sally have two children, Sarah and Cub, and they are all very involved at Long’s Chapel United Methodist Church where Sally is the children’s pastor.

Currently, Sally’s family is on a quest to see sixteen concerts within a year. This present was from the family to Sarah on her sixteenth birthday, and it was actually a great gift because Mrs. Hundley loves music! She adores heavy metal music, and her favorite band is Metallica. In her spare time (what little there is of it), Sally loves to camp with her family. In fact, on the top of her “bucket list” is a camping trip from here in the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the Pacific Coast. Mrs. Hundley wants to camp until she reaches Portland, Oregon- a place she has always wanted to go!

Until then, Sally will continue to teach and inspire students to work hard and pursue a career in the STEM field. Mrs. Hundley will also keep attempting to beat Mr. Hundley at racquetball. His commanding presence on the court and loud attire make it very difficult to stay focused and win!


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