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Running out of things to talk about is not even in the realm of possibilities when it comes to 8th grade math teacher, Ron Hundley.  When you get to know him, you will find out that he enjoys working out at 6:00 in the morning! He is an avid sports fan, and he enjoys learning how to play any kind of sport imaginable. His passion, however, is basketball.

Mr. Hundley spends lots of time with his church, Long’s Chapel United Methodist, and he is a huge Marvel Comics fan. Inside the classroom, Mr. Hundley is a wizard at math and thoroughly enjoys teaching middle school students. His favorite thing about teaching is the kids.  The humor that they bring to class and the comedy that they add to life are unmatchable.  Mr. Hundley also appreciates that they get his jokes.  In fact, here’s one that his son shared with him just the other day:


Question: What’s ET short for?

Possible Answer: Extraterrestrial?

Real Answer: No, it’s because he doesn’t have legs!


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